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Royal Armoury

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Founded by Carlo Alberto of Savoy in 1837 in Turin in the central Piazza Castello, it is one of the most rich collections of weapons and armours in the world. It keeps in permanent exhibitions many manufactured articles that belonged to the House of Savoy, from Emanuele Filiberto to Vittorio Emanuele III. It is worth mentioning the collection of archaeological, oriental weapons, the medieval weapons, the 16th-17th Century German and Milanese ones, the firearms from Brescia and Piedmont, the Napoleonic relics, the collection of flags. The rooms too are very interesting: from the huge Staircase by Benedetto Alfieri (1740), through the Rotunda (1842) and the Beaumont Gallery (1733) you can reach the Medagliere Gallery (1839), conceived by Carlo Alberto for the numismatic collections and applied art objects. Since the end of September 2011 the itinerary includes the Loggia from which Carlo Alberto, appearing at the window  with his children, declared the start of the First Italian War of Independence.

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