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Valsesia and Lake Maggiore

Moving North – along the directrix which links Liguria together with Switzerland and, from here, with the rest of Europe – Piedmont opens up and offers to those tourists who pass through some of the most beautiful landscapes in its territory. The area set in the provinces of Novara, Verbania and Vercelli in fact, contains some gems worthy of being discovered in all their glory. The itinerary cannot but start with Lake Maggiore (and with the adjacent Lake Orta), the second major Italian basin in terms of extent and European travellers' chosen destination since the 18th century. Here Ernest Hemingway decided to set some chapters of his novel "A Farewell to Arms" and always here, fascinated by its temperate climate and the beauty of the Borromean Islands, intellectuals like Stendhal and Lord Byron loved to stop during their Grand Tour, among the wonders of Italy. Moving further North, the landscape changes, turning into the Alpine Valleys and their wild charm. Nevertheless, water is the prevailing element, with the great Sesia river basin. Valsesia, the region with the same name, spread along its banks; it's famous for being one of the most green geographical areas in Italy. Here the enthusiasts could find renowned ski stations, rafting and kayak facilities, ancient walser villages, sacred walks and an incredible historical and artistic heritage.

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