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Word-of-mouth is the real secret of Turin. People come, go into raptures over it and recommend it to friends and relatives. It's easy to understand why: the regional capital of Piedmont was able to turn from strictly industrial centre into a multifaceted city, a really lively place where art, culture, fun, nightlife, fashion and trend meet feverishly. Turin doesn't have only one epicentre, but many different souls linked together instead. Quadrilatero, Murazzi, San Salvario, Piazza Vittorio for nightlife. Borgo Dora for design and creativity (together with San Salvario again), via Roma and via Garibaldi for shopping. And what about the squares, the arcades and the buildings, emblem of a glorious history as first capital of Italy? And the several museums scattered throughout the urban fabric? Turin is lively and underground, trendy and exuberant. It tells legends of misteries and magic, anecdotes about the sovereigns of the Savoy family, little-known stories rooted in far-off times. It bears the mark of excellence with regard to cars, cinema, sport, music and cooking. What's more, there is the Po river. As much as to say: a city with a river, that's quite another thing.

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